Chicken noodles: A fast fasting dish with a special ingredient you haven't tried

1 min read
02 May

Pasta is a favorite dish for many, and during fasting days everyone secretly craves it, not knowing that there are great recipes for quick, lean, and very tasty pasta. This recipe is traditionally used in Hilandar's monastic cuisine and we are pleased to share it with you. 

You need:

- packaging of pasta (wide lace noodles, or as desired)

- olive oil

- sunflower oil

- old bread

- are

- tahin (or taan, sesame butter, which you can buy in any healthy food. It is bought in jars and is also great as a fasting spread for breakfast or dinner). And you can make one yourself.


Dip the pasta in boiling water, with a little salt and bun.

Cook cooked and drained noodles, while still hot, drizzle with olive oil and lightly fried bread crumbs. In Hilander, and so it should be in every house, BREAD NEVER TAKES!

Before serving, the noodles are overflowed with tahini. So the noodles get the taste but also the color. It is a Greek spread and our Orthodox monastic brethren use it on the Holy Mountain, according to the climate, and it is fasting. If you make tahin yourself, here's how you can do it:

Bake 200 g of sesame seeds a little in a frying pan with a thicker bottom (but be careful not to burn the sesame, because the tahin then tastes bitter). Put the roasted sesame seeds in a blender, add a little olive oil, season with salt and blend, gradually with oil and stirring, until it thickens enough to smear nicely.


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