Old Serbian folk remedy: Sweet milk that soothes cough and treats nervousness

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02 May

Caramelized sugar, milk and fat - is a beverage of our childhood. It's an old recipe that worried mothers would cook every time we cough, feel the first flu symptoms.

There are 3 ways to make this potion:

1. Sugar, milk and fat (pork or goose)

You caramelize 2 teaspoons of sugar into a tin and then while it is still boiling add the milk and stir until the sugar has melted. When poured into a cup, add a teaspoon of fat (pork or goose) and drink slowly. The taste is not bad if lard is added.

2. Milk, fat and honey

The milk is heated to boiling, then the fat is added. When the beverage is cooled down, a spoonful of honey is added and it is drunk at bedtime. If you feel feverish, it is best to wrap yourself in a blanket and fall asleep immediately after this beverage.

3. Sugar, milk, and sage twig

The sugar is caramelized and then the milk is added. While the milk is still boiling, a sprig of sage is put into it, and after a few minutes it is removed from the kettle, processed and drunk while still a warm beverage.

Since this is an old folk remedy, there is much variation.

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